Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And So The Saying Goodbye Begins

My best friend at work is a miracle worker.

He's the best television news anchor I've ever seen. An excellent journalist and an even better family man all rolled into one (which is practically unheard of in this business), TK's done so much for me.

Professionally, he's given me something to aspire to. A great story teller, he always gets the facts right and has a way of getting to the feeling of the story. TK gets the soundbites that either impart the emotion or the What's In It For Me factor that every viewer wants to see.

Personally, he's been a rock. TK has supported me through my darkest hours, a crossroads of self discovery and growth, and he's listened to me through all my trials and triumphs. TK's my biggest cheerleader and likely the one person with whom I can most identify.

We have three more days to relish the professional relationship we have: As my anchor, TK depends on me for clear, engaging copy that's concise and appreciated by the viewer. TK depends on me to keep him abreast of the latest changes by that little earpiece he wears "Hey, our liveshot just crashed. Float A7, it may be revived in the B block." "We're running over(time wise). I'm gonna kill the State Budget story and we'll do a generic tease at the end of the block."

I depend on TK to make my newscast look good. I depend on him to be my co-pilot, so to speak, taking my directions and keeping our plane in the air. As long as TK and I operate as a team, we won't crash and burn.

Today TK gave me an excerpt of a story I wanted to share with all of you. It's from "The Pearl" by T.H. White.

You hold a block of metal in your hand and it is solid.
Press a block of pure gold against a block of silver.
When you separate them they seem unchanged.
But a chemist will show you where they have been in
contact, invisible flecks of gold have wandered in and
buried themselves in the silver.

I think people are the same way. Part of you enters them,
part of them enters you.
Long after you forget the names and faces, they are
still a part of you. Sometimes it is frightening to
think that every person you have ever hated, or feared
or run away from is part of you. Bus so is every person
you have ever learned from, every friend you ever had.

Thanks TK. You've made a difference in my life. More than you'll ever know.

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