Thursday, December 08, 2005

29 and I'm Falling Apart

So. The actual day of my birthday was a blast. Great dinner with a great friend and lots of attention from the good people in my life.

The day after was horrible, but it wasn't my fault, nor was it the Sake Bomb's.

I had a 24 hour flu bug and had to miss out a night of post birthday celebratory drinking with some fun people. Instead I was chained to a bucket (we used to call it the chuck bucket when I was a little girl) and writhed in vain as I battled the shakes and the cold chills/hot flashes.

Yeah, it wasn't fun.

Saturday I ran up to C-bus with D-Money and hung out with her family and our friend Micah. Good time, though my stomach was having a tough time with dinner.

And that's where the problems started.

Five days later, I am still battling a bad stomach ache and have a host of other symptoms I will spare you the description of, but it all boils down to a rudimentary diagnosis that I may have an ulcer.

We'll find out Friday (unless this crippling snow storm is just that) when I have an appointment with the gastroenterologist.


That's where I've been. Stuck to the chuck bucket and downing Maalox (the wild berry kind - tasty) like it's my job.


spydrz said...

Here's hoping you'll feel better and the ulcer thing isn't true.

Since you linked to the tv channel I guess you're employed with, does anybody notice that the station identifier is extremely similar to that of a late 70s sitcom?

Kate The Great said...

Spydrz - good eye!

Yes, the show with Johnny Fever, Bailey and Jennifer was a mock-up of our sister radio station WKRC-radio.

Lots of people got a kick out of it when I told them I was leaving Lex for my station... Kind of funny to be working at a station with a related, retro TV legacy.

And just to toot the horn a bit, my CBS affiliate just recently was recognized (again) as being the #1 CBS affiliate in the nation.

Basically, that means we statistically have more people watching Survivor/Amazing Race than any other city in the country.

Who Dey!, as they say in these parts.

spydrz said...

Ah, so that's why the kid from Cincy always wears that Who Dey t-shirt on Amazing Race.

Kate The Great said...

Who Dey!

Yeah,,, it's a throw back to the Ickey Woods Shuffle Era.

The saying is "Who dey think they gonna beat dem Bengals?"

And yes... the Linz family on the Amazing Race is just another example of CBS trying target reality contestants from Cincinnati to maintain this bastion of solid ratings!

Go Bengals!