Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reason #513 Why Women Should Wear Stilettos

The bathroom door didn't have a lock.

I wasn't that concerned (the scene was an art gallery full of bloggers - a bunch of people who use their computers to share experiences, beliefs and treasured snippets of information), I am just horribly modest.

So how does a girl keep them out of the bathroom when she has to take care of business?

Her shoes.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?


Stilettos make the perfect door wedge when you're in a jam.

The bathroom floor was uber clean so I felt alright going without a shoe for a minute or two.

If only I could have used my shoe wedge on the gentleman who, at the end of the night, began immediately spouting his political beliefs.

I bolted ~ literally BOLTED ~ when he started off the bat insulting the young people rallying around Obama. I had never abruptly walked away from someone like that, save for members of my immediate family.

Looking back on it, I should have probably handled it differently, but I was so put off by this gentleman's full-blown attack at the start of our conversation. They say politics, sex and religion should never be brought up at the dinner table, and I guess when you're at a cocktail party with strangers, the rules are the same.

Dude - you're entitled to your beliefs. But so is everyone else - and you never know who you're talking to, so perhaps you should tread lightly before you drop your opinions.

Otherwise - the blogger meetup was fantastic!

5chw4r7z and Don't Call Me Mrs. put on a lovely spread at AVS Art Gallery on 4th Street. It's a cool space with lots of colorful modern art. 5chw4r7z arranged for a brief theatrical excerpt of the play Reefer Madness at Know Theatre of Cincinnati, an array of wine and a keg of Stella, and DCMM made a couple delicious, fresh salsas.

The venue was perfect for our meet-and-greet.

I got to catch up with many of my lovely Cincinnati Losers, including wine me, dine me (in cincinnati), Shannan B. aka Mommy Bits, LM Deaton and last (but not least) Wine Girl.

I was so thrilled to meet in the flesh the lady behind What I Wore Today. This chick is amazing - Kasmira's wardrobe is enough to make any girl drool, she takes her own photos (thanks to a tripod and remote!) and is an ex-marine! I teased her and said she could probably kick my ass ~ she politely demurred no, but I think she was just being modest.

I also really enjoyed talking with Sean at BuyCincy, Brian Griffin from Cincinnati Blog and Girard and his lovely wife.

In all, the event was fantastic.

Blogger types need to meet in person more often, because we're just as fabulous face-to-face as we are on the screen!


5chw4r7z said...

Kate, is was awesome seeing you there, glad you came. You'll have to do the Supper Club sometime so I actually have time to say more than hi.
Just a few quick notes, Sean is from Buycincy. The Boss Cox fell through and we ended up with Stella.

I already have a location and another beer vendor lined up for the next party. How crazy is that?

ShannanB said...

Kate -
I had so much fun hanging out last night. I am so glad that the blogging community is finally coming out of hiding!

Kate The Great said...

5chw4r7z - Thank you so much for planning the event! And yes, I will definitely have to sign up for the Supper Club - I noticed that online a while back and have been wanting to come ever since! Will have to sign up for the next event. And thanks for giving me the accurate 411 - I've made all the pertinent changes!

Shannan - Yes I had a blast hanging out with you, too! I love that we can talk about blogging or we can talk about shop in our little circle! We all have to do it again soon :)

Jeregano said...

These sound great parties!! Awesome time.

For the record, today I plan to blog about sex and politics. ;)

Denae said...

I have always adored you for the way you creatively use your resources. The sexy shoe locking the door!? Classic! xoxox

Kasmira said...

So good to meet you. I hope our politics talk wasn't too painful!

I think I ran away from a person or two myself that night.

But I would never run from you! You are such a fun person and I'll definitely be following your blog.

Kevin LeMaster said...


I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you, but I did want to let you know...

...that the other bathroom had a lock on the door.

WestEnder said...

Would you be willing to lend a stiletto to a man facing this problem?

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing you on Wednesday!

I think your political run in would have made me explode into bits and pieces all over that lovely art gallery.

Oley said...