Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Recap, or, It Was A Banner Weekend

Friday night:

  • Dunkel at the Hof.
  • Bottle Shock on a stunning back patio in Newport. Spectacular friends and a great movie


  • Hair highlights
  • Obligatory volunteer assignment that left a bit to be desired (I hate standing around and "taking turns" push a broom)
  • Junior League of Cincinnati's Aultimate Affair - the "Junior League Prom" - great chance to see a bunch of my friends and get duded up

  • Saturday night wrapped with a rematch of last week's karaoke contest at an undisclosed home in Hyde Park. I think I won


  • 1.5 hours walking in the rain with my new pal - my bum is still feeling it after climbing up and down the hills of Pleasant Ridge
  • Dynamite brunch in a beautiful setting that could only be outdone by my mother; superb food and fantastic company
  • Spontaneous trip to TTC & Keystone for beer and Bloodys for girl talk - you can't put a price on a good, dear friend
  • Homemade risotto dinner and unleashing the floodgates during a touching movie about the Holocaust.
Whew. I'm exhausted just reading that...


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! I wanted to make risotto myself but... I think I need to clean my pantry. EEk.

PS. love the dress.


Kate The Great said...

Jeff! Cleaning the pantry is the perfect moment for making risotto - call it kitchen sink risotto!

Thanks for the compliment on the dress - it's a good cut for me, though sometimes I feel a bit over exposed on top. And my pale skin leaves a bit to be desired. Contemplating tanning bed - can I sacrifice a tryst with cancer? Hmmm...

Angela said...

You looked fantastic! Stunning! Good luck with the boot camp. You can do it!