Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi all.

I am alive. I promise.

I am house sitting for a dog in Finneytown, which has made for an added adventure as far as the car-free lifestyle goes. Needless to say, I am getting in some great reading time on the bus and am adding a few extra steps to my daily pedometer count.

Speaking of books, right now I am flipping through the pages of Holy Cow. It's a Western World woman's take on India after she moves there to live with her boyfriend. I leave for India in less than four months and am immersing myself in as much as I can about the country before I depart. Next up, India Unbound by former Procter & Gamble India CEO Gurcharan Das.

Hmm. Week highlights. I have an appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow, if weather allows. It's not a regular appointment - a dark spot appeared in my field of vision a couple weeks ago and the good folks on Twitter scared me into thinking it could be a detached retina, which could lead to blindness. Who knows if this is the case. Fingers crossed the symptoms don't get any worse.

Okay. I think that was probably the most boring paragraph I've ever written on this blog.

Exciting. Hmm. Well, I am well on my way to finishing a living room re-do, having reupholstered an antique chair cushion myself and acquiring a heap of crap stuff from Ikea. I like the way it's turning out (please hold comments regarding my archaic television set).

All I need is a massive clock to hang on the wall above the TV, a bookcase and a kick ass light feature and I think I'll be content with this part of the apartment.

Hmm. What else. Is this forcing it? Naaah.

Ahead on the blog (meaning, later this week... I promise), I'll tell you where you can dust off your best ping-ponging skills for a free meal, show you how to upholster a chair seat and give you the rundown on what every man needs to do before they strip down to their skivvies for a lady friend (hint: it does not involve waxing).

In the meantime, soak up a moment of zen and enjoy this beautiful, thought provoking piece from your friends at NPR. And my apologies for the lack of excitement. We're all sold out of that today.

But tomorrow... tomorrow is another story.

Thanks to my Facebook friend @zaczero for the heads up on this great piece.

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orange dream said...

Beautiful living room! I actually thought it was an inspiration pic, but then I read the paragraph above it and realized it was your real living room! Great style, I love the exposed brick too. And girl, please, the television is "retro" lol.

Randy Ready said...

Rabbit ears turn me on.

Jubert said...

nice! =) I hope that you also check my blog specially my first post. Thanks! =)