Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Big Welcome to The Grey Lady

Word on the street is that the New York Times is nosing around my neighborhood.

Facebook and Twitter is buzzing with the news that a photographer was spending time in Over-the-Rhine yesterday, snapping pics at Park + Vine and Neon's Unplugged. Other folks spotted the photographer snapping pics at Joe's Diner.

From the Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati Facebook page:

"The story is going to be a short piece that falls under the Travel section's semi-regular column called "Surfacing," about an up-and-coming neighborhood in a certain city. It's a brief intro about the nabe and then briefer-still write-ups on four or five of the nabe's businesses."

You no doubt remember when the NYT featured a great write up on Cincinnati in its travel section in 2009.

Intrepid Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Lauren Bishop mused on FB that this piece on OtR is rumored to hit NYT's pages on May 15.

If that's the case, Dad - will you save a copy for me?

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Lauren Bishop said...

Soon after I posted that, I saw another tweet or FB update (can't remember the source now) saying the piece had been pushed back until May 22 or 29. You know how these things go!