Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It's Easy Being Green (A Special Offer)

I'm white knuckling it as I hold on to my 2012 resolution.

Truth be told, I didn't make any resolutions. I just grew resolved to stick to my circa June 2011 running plan and healthier diet. In addition to my two or three-times a week running habit, I long made a conscious effort to enjoy more fruits and veggies.

By noshing on baby carrots, grapes, bananas and the like, I can eat more, feel full more, and lose more weight.

I've learned a diet made of all carbs and calcium can do a body not-so-good. The scale takes a solid hit when I've gone days without ODing on produce, and that's an unwelcome development when I spend so much free time crawling running on pavement to burn calories.

Enter Green Bean Delivery.

As it turns out, pizza and pho are not the only things you can get delivered to your doorstep. If you have a hankering for organic bosc pears or fresh mint leaves, you can have that dropped off, too.

Green Bean Delivery connects food producers with local customers via a year-round delivery service. When available, Green Bean will provide you with local or organic produce and deliver it right to your home or office (depending on location).

The produce is delivered in what looks like a green recycle bin, complete with a reusable dry ice package. It keeps everything cold and fresh while it eagerly waits for you to come home.


A $35 bin of produce comes with free delivery, and you can customize your order based on your likes and dislikes. Green Bean's public relations rep graciously provided me with a sample bin that I had delivered to my office (thank you, Megan!).

I cracked open the lid and found several varieties of organic pears, beautiful ruby red grapefruit, two large heads of broccoli, a few baking potatoes, several apples, and a bunch of other healthy treats.

I liked having the box delivered to my office because I could parcel out the produce and leave some fruit behind at my desk. I toted home the vegetables and they lasted me several days of dinner prep.

I've since become a regular customer and look forward to my delivery. I'm eagerly awaiting today's bin, which should include several kiwi fruit, a bunch of broccolette (this recipe looks amazing), and some yummy snow peas.

I know some of you are dying for a dinner invite, aren't you?

If you are trying to stay on the weight loss wagon, I highly suggest giving Green Bean Delivery a try. I don't think there's a way to make healthy eating any easier... well, maybe if you had Oprah's chef living inside your home.

This is the next best thing, and it sure as hell is more affordable.

Green Bean Delivery is offering my readers a chance to enjoy 50 percent off their first bin. Just use the special promo code KRMapc when you check out. The 50 percent discount does not apply to any grocery items you may add to your bin, and the discount expires one week from today (Tuesday). Finally, the discount is only good for new members and reactivations only.


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LJ said...

I have been wanting to sign up for Green Bean for a while now - thanks for the special promo code - I'll be using it!