Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weight Wait

My scale is all talk but no action.

Five weeks in to Couch to 5K, I'm back to my running routine and I continue to hit the weights at the Y. My heart rate is moving, my muscles are getting stronger, and my physique is changing ever so slightly.

But the scale couldn't care less.

I'm down three or four pounds, depending on how good or bad I've been, but the number seems to be holding, and it's frustrating as hell.

Now, I'll concede that my calorie counting could be better - I've been enjoying my share of cocktails and other elixirs the past couple weeks, and a few sweet treats have gotten the best of me. That said, I'm surprised all of this exercise isn't making any changes with my body.

But maybe it is.

I have to remind myself how much muscle I gained with my marathon training last year, and the niggling detail that muscle weighs more than fat.

So, while my numbers at the scale are slow and steady, the body doesn't lie. Some of my dresses and pants are fitting better and I am getting stronger with each run or resistance training session.

Losing weight and adopting wellness habits isn't a swiftly moving proposition: Everything takes time, and most people will begin to show decent to dramatic changes within 12 to 24 weeks.

It reminds me of one of those inspirational quotes floating around on Pinterest:

I'm grateful I've found the motivation to get up at 6:10 in the morning to go running or work out, but I need to work at making better choices in my diet. All of the wine/cocktails/sweets/heavy food is a betrayal to every time I lace up my Nikes.

It's time to own the scale.

Disclosure: The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is one of my clients and has provided me with a limited membership to experience their facilities. All opinions are my own. 

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