Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summerfair Cincinnati

It's time to roll out the seersucker and celebrate summer.

With a swift Memorial day weekend under our belts (did yours go by quickly, too?), it's time to celebrate the true, unofficial start of summer.

Forget what the calendar says - no need to wait until June - the calendar's fairest season has arrived.

And with it, Summerfair Cincinnati. This event celebrates artists from around the Tri-State area and helps promote year-round art across our region.

To kick off this weekend's Summerfair event, you're invited to a special Little Black Dress event and fashion show this Friday at Coney Island's Moonlite Gardens at 7 pm. Click here for more information and ticket details.

I am humbled to be one of the event's Honorary Fashionistas (along with the fabulous Ilene Ross of 513 Eats and the equally amazing Peggy Shannon of Queen City Cookies) and can't wait to don my favorite LBD (it's magic, I tell you) and some fabulous shoes.

The Summerfair folks asked me to write about how I inspire others, and I am afraid that's a mantle I'm not fit to wear. However, I told them we each have the power to inspire others with everyday actions; you can read that message here.

Here's an excerpt:

It might sound terribly old fashioned and contradictory to my ever tweeting, technology lovin', modern woman self, but there's a part of me that deeply treasures the thoughtful, intentional actions that arise in moments of transparency and selfless kindness. Sometimes those occasions get lost from behind the computer screen, and that’s why living In Real Life is so important.

See you on Friday, with your best LBD!

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Steve Finnell said...

you are invitede to follow my blog

Ashleigh said...

I quite enjoyed the Taste of Cincinnati even though I worked all weekend. I loved directing the guests from the Hotel to it!