Thursday, February 01, 2007

30 on 30

I've become increasingly focused on my skin care regimen.

Perhaps it's because I slammed the door shut on my 20s two months ago, perhaps it's because I'm stuck in that no-man's-land that involves the one-two punch of pimples and wrinkles.

Lucky me.

Well, I wanted to pass on this fleeting nugget that I've heard not once but twice in the past week.

First: I went to a health care lecture given by two plastic surgeons (confession time: I chose this particular session because I wanted to hear about boob reductions etc., so I opted out of the accupuncture and OBGYN talks) who fleshed out everything one needed to know about fillers and gummy bear implants and tummy tucks.

The biggest takeaway of the night? Wear SPF 30 on your face. Every day. Under your make-up. Even in the winter time.

The MD said 30 is the best defense to protect from the dangerous rays that can cause skin cancer. She also said two fifteens don't make a thirty. As in, SPF 15 in your moisturizer and SPF 15 in your foundation doesn't cut it. That's just two layers of 15. The doc said women must seek out the 30 and stick with it for the best protection.

Second: Last night I had a JLC meet and greet opportunity.

One of the women there is in R & D for a major firm that makes personal care products. This woman repeated the Wear 30 mantra, stressing how important it is to put SPF 30 around the nose, on the ears and neck.

She sold me.

I went out and bought a basic product at the supermarket for about 13 bucks.

Small price to pay to fight cancer.

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