Sunday, February 11, 2007

Aunt Kate

I have waited a very, very long time for this day.

By rights, I can be called Aunt Kate at this very moment. There's a tiny, itty bitty peanut out there in the world with a shred of DNA code similar to mine who will someday, God willing, be my niece or nephew.

A little creature the size of a sesame seed who will make me smile, make me giggle, make me proud.

So should I be aunt like ahnt, the way they say it in Connecticut? Or aunt like ant, the way I grew up saying it in the Midwest? Will this be Hannah Maeve or Liam or Emma or Collin Forbes (can you tell my sister has a thing for Irish names?)?

I would cross all my fingers and toes if I could on this one.

Miscarriages run in my family - so we're all kind of treading lightly.

But if things go right, I could have a beautiful baby to dote on by the beginning of October.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

Oh Kate, this is great news. I will pray that everything goes smoothly and that October will come fast!!!

Me! said...

Congratulations Hopefully-Auntie-To-Be!!!

What an exciting time for you and your family. Well, and for your sister too. Good thoughts are going your family's way!

There is something in the water. Practically everyone I know is pregnant. Heck, we've got 6 pregnancies at my work place alone.

I think I'm safe though unless God decides to grant another immaculate conception with my body as his vessel. ;-)

Me! said...

PS... Love the new poll. Looks like you've been crusing too! :-)

Kate The Great said...

Nat- thanks for the well wishes... Yes, we are all hoping everything works out for an October 6ish delivery!

GAC- Yes, lots of babies out there. I would also be an immaculate conception, but I don't know that this world is ready for another miracle of that magnitude.

The funny onesies - yes I love them. Bridge says I'm going to be this baby's "cool aunt" so I guess I have to live up to it!