Sunday, December 16, 2007


Who knew Kate the Great had a PBR t-shirt?

It's not in heavy rotation, but every once in a while I pull out the green shirt with the antiqued, iron-on beer label. It's usually relegated to casual afternoons at home or outings to low key neighborhood watering holes (think: places with dart boards and shady bathrooms), but every once in a while the ol' PBR shirt is grateful for some prime-time play.

Friday night I went to a white trash Christmas party.

I took my friend Joseph, who lives literally right around the corner from the fete at Bluegrass Brit's house. Josie wore an old hat I remembered from our days in Lexington - Rooster Run, KY. It's a well worn trucker hat and it fit in perfectly with the rest of the getups at the party.

I ran into some girls with whom I went to high school (not so unusual considering I spent one year of HS here in Cincinnati) and Joseph even ran into someone who went to his high school (kind of unusual since he went to school in a small town outside Lexington).

The party was such a good time that I decided to stay the night in KY.

Saturday morning came fast.

I glared at my cell phone as it roused me from my delicious, warm slumber. It was 8:15 am. Too early for a busy party girl but just in time for a gal who needs some quality time in a salon chair.


I dragged myself out of bed and cruised through Newport, passing state transportation vehicles waiting for the massive snowfall to roll into the region.

I grabbed a nonfat-peppermint latte and made it to the salon just as the snow began to fall. The stylist sat me down and combed through my blonde and copper streaked hair and giggled when she found a snowflake still in tact on the crown of my head.

The black clad stylists whooshed and zipped around the glass enclosed salon while I sat still and stared out at the fluttering snow. I felt like a little girl trapped in a massive snow globe that was just shaken.

Then the rain came.

Big, wet streaks streamed down the glass building, dragging along falling hunks of snow. Covered in bleach and aluminum foil, I dreamed of a lazy day at home - sipping on cocoa while swaddled in blankets. The downpour continued as I stepped out with my perfectly styled hair.

The icy slush seeped through a hole in the bottom of my shoe. I winced all the way to the car and my much anticipated bun warmer.

That fantasy of swaddling?

Yeah, it didn't really happen. I was far too lazy to cocoon myself in the layers of my (messy) living room. I struggled with the residuals of the night before and instead parked myself in my bed, with my laptop by my side.

But snow's in the forecast for today... and I think some cocoa is, too.

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