Monday, December 31, 2007

Turn The Page


I'm about 46,200 heartbeats away from a new year - full of new opportunities, hopes and challenges.

I went to the store to get some supplies for the ensuing celebrations and came away with a basket full of symbolism.

The olive bar - $8.67
Because life is too short to not be savored. From the fresh mozzarella that my taste buds covet so much, to the gently marinaded portobello mushrooms - everything is so full of flavor. The roasted tomatoes are a vibrant red - having soaked up so many days awash in sunshine while on the vine. And that's what life's about - enjoying your moment in the sun while you can.

A good paperback - $10.50
I chose The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. Both my mother and GOP Big Wig raved about this New York Times bestseller, and I am proud to spend a couple bucks to support the author, who is a professor at my alma mater. I like the idea of spending the last few hours of the year using my brain and nourishing my soul with some depth.

Cotton swabs - $1.37
This is more of a figurative metaphor. Sometimes its good to clean out all the garbage you hear and believe in the things you know ring true. Gossip, unkind words - maybe that's what turns into ear wax.

Mascara - $5.39
I've got my eyes wide open as I bravely face the world. I'd like to think my lashes look stunning as I observe humanity in all its splendor.

Oreo cookies - $2.68
I'm house sitting right now and just finished a bag of these tempting cookies. They're a throwback from my childhood and I was happy to rediscover the simple pleasure of dunking them in a tall glass of ice cold milk. Black and white in happy co-existence, Oreos are proof we can all get along and enjoy life's sweetness.

Hairspray - $6.39
There are days when I am ready to face the world with a smile and my blonde ambition. Then there are days when the mop on my head doesn't want to cooperate. Thanks to some styling and a little shellac, I can head out the door and at least pretend everything's alright. Hairspray helps me put on a brave face at job interviews, on first dates and when I'm otherwise feeling down in the dumps, and I guess that's what we all strive for on occasion - looking like we've all got it pulled together when we feel like runny scrambled eggs on the inside.

Bodywash - $3.34
Okay, so washing my sins away isn't as simple as getting a new, frothy scrub. But sometimes a fresh outlook on the world and a new disposition can be found in the solitude of a good bath gel. A little external de-toxing has a way of turning around my sour moments into something a bit sweeter.

Champagne - $5.99
I'll admit it. I bought the cheap stuff. I guess it comes with age - I've rolled like a high roller before and realize it's not all it's cracked up to be. All I want is a little pop, a little fizz and a little fanfare with my celebration tonight. I've discovered having low expectations helps ensure I'll never be disappointed. That said, champagne no matter the brand helps make an evening special - and that's exactly how I want to feel as I get ready to close a chapter on one year and usher in another.

Two bottles of Faygo ginger ale - $.66
It's a perfect mixer, it's exuberant and it's also the best remedy when your stomach's upset. Just what I'm looking for in a man - I guess for now I'll have to stick with ginger ale.

Tax - $2.19
As much as we all hate paying our taxes, it's a small price to pay to support the resources that help keep us safe and proud to be American.

Cash - $20.00
Because it's always good to have a couple bucks in the back pocket (or in the bank) for that unexpected moment you need it.

Grand total - $67.18

Finding some perspective - no charge.

Happy new year,

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Becky said...

I loved the Memory Keeper's Daughter, too... enjoy!!

(p.s. - totally craving Oreos now. Mmmmmm....)

Happy New Year! :)