Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Blue Ball

I've never had a problem talking about blue balls.

Granted, the topic doesn't come up in regular conversation, though I DID enjoy a delightful play on words with some crusty co-workers at a late night TV crew party circa 2000.

The whole episode involved shiny Christmas ornaments affixed to inappropriate places on a news anchor's pants, but that's another story for another time.


The only Blue Ball I intend on encountering in the near future is the Inaugural celebration at Northside Tavern next Tuesday.

You can get more information on the fete here, here, here and HERE. Surprisingly, Northside Tavern's website has nary a mention of the event.

The party starts at 8 pm - there's no cover, but guests are asked to bring non-parishable food items to help support Freestore Foodbank.

The celebration will feature fun dance music, delicious food from Melt, the Hideaway and cocktail specials.

Hmm... what to wear to the Blue Ball?

Certainly not the teal saran wrap tube top of my youth.



Speaking of blue balls - I'm sure there were more than a few around New York City after this stunt.


liz said...

yay, i will be there too!

LMJ said...

I'm hoping to attend this great event! Might be a rough morning at work on Wednesday with little sleep, but I'm up for it!

5chw4r7z said...

Well, my balls will always be red!
I hope we can even get into the Northside, that place is going to be jammed.
And my cameras broke dang it.