Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Give 5 - Diaper Drive

(Full disclosure: Kate is employed by United Way of Greater Cincinnati).

Think quickly - which of the following could you live without:

Toilet paper

I've had to live lean during different times in my life, and one thing remains constant: I need food to survive. I need electricity to prepare said food (and watch TV and charge my cell phone and computer) and I need toilet paper to help dispose of the remnants of said food in a sanitary fashion.

Food. Electricity. Personal care items. Those things are pretty much non-negotiable.

Thankfully people in need get assistance with most of those items.

Folks who struggle with money matters can rely on local food banks for canned goods, dairy, meat and produce and there are agencies that will help pay utility bills for families and individuals struggling with financial stability.

Even with all this assistance, local families face challenges when meeting basic needs, including covering the costs associated with diapers.

Local food pantries and community service agencies aren't receiving adequate diaper donations, and many families are faced with tough choices, especially when considering the cost of diapers can top out at between $60 and $100 a month depending on a child's size.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati is striving to help those families out.

The Give 5 - Diaper Drive aims to raise enough money between May 5 and June 21 to buy 100,000 diapers to help local families struggling with the economic crisis.

These diapers will be distributed to more than a dozen local agencies that will pass them on to families in need.

Because families shouldn't have to make tough choices between buying food, paying their utility bills or buying diapers. Right?

And children shouldn't be forced to wear re-used, soiled diapers.

The need is great, but the ask is simple:

Please give five dollars, and then spread the word to five other friends. Whether you prefer to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter or through email, please pass on the Give 5 link to five friends.

A fundraising effort with this kind of viral focus is revolutionary in Cincinnati, and it's a great way for us to show the reach and influence of our area's social media network.

The more people hear about this effort, the greater our chances of hitting our goal, and thereby helping local families and children in need.

You can follow United Way of Greater Cincinnati on Twitter at @UnitedWayGC (I hear the person who sends out their tweets is BRILLIANT).

Five bucks and five friends.

I'm almost certain you have both - pay it forward and help someone who might not.


ShannanB said...

I love this. I donated this afternoon!

Brian Siegel said...

I heard about this somewhere ; ) ha
Great initiative, creative, and launched with tremendous focus on a cause to improve lives in an engagingly simple & realistic 'ask'!

Thank you to all those who visit, donate, and share the "Give 5 Diaper Drive" cause!

Great job Kate, and when googling 'Give 5 Diaper Drive' your blog post is the first thing to show up : )