Friday, May 15, 2009

See & Be Scene Friday - May 15

There's an upside to being a gal-about-town with a full calendar.

I've made a great and diverse crowd of friends across Cincinnati.

Single, married, parents, childless, anti-kids, gay, straight, attorneys, artists, activists, pretty, smart and funny - my circle of friends includes an eclectic group of people, something for which I'm really grateful.

These unique, brilliant people bring with them a host of activities that span everything from crazy street parties to VIP fetes in shadowy clubs. My calendar includes something for every foodie, culture vulture, club kid and family.

Some dining companions this week encouraged me to share this wealth of information - elements like the new restaurants and bars people are frequenting and the fun parties that belong on everyone's calendar. Their original idea involved me writing a book about these nuggets (watch your back, Zagat), but I decided this blog is a better venue to showcase the Queen City's goings on.

Every Friday, I'll run a franchise aptly titled See & Be Scene. My goal is to post cool weekend activities and hot spots that are worth your time and money - because let's face it, both are at an extreme premium these days.

Please email me if you've got a hot nugget that deserves a mention.

Westside Pub Crawl, hosted by Cincinnati Imports
7 pm, beginning at Luckey's Irish Pub, 3722 Harrison Ave., Cheviot
Cost - Free (though drinks, etc., are on your own)
If you think you need a passport to get to Montana (Avenue), this is the thing for you. Liz, Avani and Lauren will take you to five bars all within walking distance, though if you have a few too many, there will be plenty of new friends who may agree to carry you through Cheviot (Note: some people call it Shiviot).

Surreal Escape, hosted by Cincinnati Art Museum
8 pm, Cincinnati Art Museum, 953 Eden Park Dr., Eden Park
Cost - $20 in advance, $30 at the door, parking $4, cash bar
Reality can become pretty absurd sometimes, and when that happens, surrealism is the only way to make things right. Get down on your Dada to live music from the Seedy Seeds, enjoy delicious food and drink tastings and check out a surreal fashion show from some of UC's finest students.

Poseidon - An Upside Down Musical, hosted by Falcon Theatre
8 pm, Monmouth Theater, 636 Monmouth St., Newport
Cost - $15 for adults, $12 for students, seniors
If you have a feather boa, you might want to dig it out for this show. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it, but I hear that it is camp, camp, camp! This show combines disaster on the high seas with the kind of song and dance numbers you'd expect at your favorite drag show. Note: Saturday night is sold out, so if you want to break it down Poseidon-style, Friday is your last chance.

Celluloid Jam, hosted by the Drawbridge Inn
Friday (12 p.m. to 1 a.m.) and Saturday (10 a.m. to 12 p.m.)
Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me... I want to feel dirty. Rocky Horror was an institution during my college days in Lexington. The flick has had a cult following for decades, and this weekend Rocky and Magenta fans will take over the Drawbridge Inn to celebrate the king of cult films, along with Shock Treatment and Phantom of the Paradise. Break out the sequins, garter belts and face pant, this is sure to be an eclectic convention.

Note: Saturday is still in progress... stay tuned.

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