Monday, September 21, 2009

Cleveland Rocks?

Drew Carey has a lot to deliver.

After years of touting the accolades of Ohio's largest city, some people are beginning to take notice - but it looks like even the natives are a bit skeptical.

Yesterday's NYT has a great write up of Cleveland - serving up a list of hot spots and hits to fit in to a whirlwind, 36 hour trip to the city on the lake. Laced with mentions of exceptional dining and nightlife options, the piece also does a swell job of spotlighting some of Cleveland's cultural endeavors. I've heard lots of great things about Cleveland's Museum of Art, and the article's mention of several Impressionist pieces (my favorite style of painting) did more than trip my trigger. Ditto for remarks about the West Side Market, a Bourbon Daisy cocktail at the Velvet Tango Room and menu items at Lolita.

Clevelanders are well fed, and so are their guests.

I tweeted about the NYT article this morning, and fellow Cincinnati twitterati @CincySteve replied, "yeah cleveland is great!" and included a link to this video:

The clip makes me wonder - do Cleveland's people loathe the city so much they generated a snarky, mock tourism video?

I don't think that would ever happen in Cincinnati, as I can't think of a single YPer who doesn't support the downtown movement.

I'm willing to disregard the general condescension of the video and give Cleveland a try.

But God help us if everyone in town looks like Mimi Bobeck.

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Randy Simes said...

That video is great, but I think the second version is even better:

Andrew said...

this video is hilarious. i've watched it i don't know how many times in the past few months.

i think clevelanders have a sense of humor about their city. i don't think cincinnatians do.

Unknown said...


I'm happy that you're willing to give Cleveland a chance, despite that video! I wouldn't let one video color your view of Cleveland, or even the many Cincinnati people that hate on Cleveland, even though they've either never been there before or haven't been in 30 years... As a native Clevelander, that type of attitude has always annoyed me and believe me, I've seen it plenty of times in the combined 12+ yrs I've lived in Cincinnati. I enjoy living in Cincinnati, but Cleveland is a great place to live and visit and I enjoy going back there whenever I get a chance.