Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Have A Ball

Go hard or go home.

It's a basic philosophy to which I prescribe. Whether I am entertaining, crafting copy or practicing defensive driving, I strive to outdo just about everyone else.

So when it comes to celebrating birthdays, I am known for presenting the most elaborately wrapped gift, the most hilarious card or the most amazing birthday cake.

I cannot wait to outdo everyone when I send my niece a card for her first birthday next month.

Thankfully, Nora Bora does not yet read the blog, so she will still be surprised when the postman hand delivers to her a big, pink bouncy ball.

Yes. A bouncy ball as a birthday card.

I am a genius.

Actually, all of the credit goes to Chicago-based sisters Michele and Melisa. They started their business (SENDaBALL, how apropos) in 2003 after several years of mailing balls on their own. The United States Postal Service is apparently a-o-k with mailing a brightly colored rubber ball, and I am sure thousands of recipients couldn't be more delighted.

Whether you are celebrating a new baby or need to send someone a cheery get-well message, this is a great way to raise a few eyebrows and inspire a few smiles.

Next up: how to send a pony via UPS.

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Ara said...

Oh my heck! That is AWESOME!!! Maybe that's what I'll do for my niece's & nephew's birthday's!