Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skirtz & Johnston

I'll be honest with you.

After the Little Blue Box, my favorite kind of box is pink.

Tied up with strings and holding sweet treasures to be savored, the classic pink pastry box is a sign that you're about to experience the sublime.

Skirtz & Johnston is just the place to seek a treat to arouse your taste buds.
I stumbled across the bakery during one of my requisite trips to Findlay Market. The swell of the market's foot traffic has yet to discover this gem, which is nestled on the south side, across from the market house.

Earlier, I spied a woman eating the most stunning slice of pink frosted cake, and my sweet tooth ached to know of its origin. I just couldn't place it - not Jean-Francois' place, not the Bean Haus. My tummy growled with disappointment as I walked away with nothing but zucchini and mushrooms from Daisy Mae's Market.

I traced my steps back to Race Street, headed to my perch in OtR when I noticed a few exploring souls pacing through the alley on the south side of the market.

I'm glad I decided to follow them.
What I found was this darling, European-style bakery, complete with its own dazzling mix of mouth watering cakes, pies and tarts.

When we lived in Connecticut, my dad would come home from the office, toting a classic pink pastry box stuffed with the most divine cannoli. New Haven is very Italian, and its pastry and pasta offerings are authentic; the cannoli are spot on - creamy, sweetened ricotta piped in a deep fried pastry shell. Skirtz & Johnston has its own classic version, as well as a raspberry version ($2.50 for either).

Two women stood next to me, their noses literally pressed against the glass, drooling at the sight of these confections.
If sweets aren't your thing, you can also enjoy Skirtz & Johnston's savory offerings, which include four hearty sandwiches served on their own bread ($6.75 each). The bakery also has everything you need for a good breakfast bite - pastries, bagels and a sausage and cheese casserole ($1.50 - $3).

I tried the goetta and apricot cheese danish ($2.50).
Oh wow.

This thing was amazing. Moist and flaky, and the goetta and apricot complemented each other beautifully.

The spot also offers a nice selection of artisanal chocolates ($2) - they beckon you to come in as you pass the bakery's window.

Skirtz & Johnston is open every day but Monday - they're open from 9-4 on Tuesdays, 8-5 on Wednesday through Friday, 7-5 on Saturdays and 8-4 on Sunday. The folks there say they'll even open the doors a few minutes earlier for you if you'd like to call ahead for an order to take to the office. If you'd like to dine inside, the bakery has a space next door with several tables and chairs you can enjoy.

I think I know where I'm getting my office treat for my birthday.

Skirtz & Johnston - 113 West Elder Street - Findlay Market

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Ara said...

OMG...those look delicious!!! I've always wanted to try a cannoli 'cause everything about them sounds delicious, but I have yet to find somewhere here in Salt Lake City that has them. But I have to admit, I haven't looked very hard.

I love little businesses like this though. Awesome!

helsalee said...

Truly Delicious. It makes my mouth wet as I live to eat sweet dish very much. They all are so yummy that makes me hungry for sweet dish so that I am going to bake sweet dish.
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