Monday, July 04, 2011

Independence Baby

I am the Spirit of '76.

Born a Bicentennial Baby, I am fiercely passionate about our nation's political system, human rights and the concepts of justice and independence.

I should have the Stars and Stripes tattooed on my ass, shouldn't I?

The fact is, this nation is full of millions of patriots, regardless of their birth date.

Patriotism is more than wearing shirts emblazoned with the American flag or defending your right to bear arms.

Our nation was founded on principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for We the People (a phrase that includes everyone, regardless of your political affiliation).

I am so proud to live in a nation where every person has the right and privilege to express their opinions without fear of retribution.

And I am truly joyous that our nation fosters ideas of free thought, inclusion and welcomed diversity.

America is truly beautiful.

And even at 235, she doesn't seem to be showing her age one bit.

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