Friday, July 22, 2011

The Sip of Summer


That's not What Would Mary Do? That's What Would Molly Drink?

It's hotter than hell out there (I know - I've been there), and everyone and their mother is trying to beat the heat with cranked up air conditioning, huge jugs of icy cold water and other devices to beat the brutal heat.

Me? I like a good cocktail. Two at the very most (a double nod to Dorothy Parker and my love it/hate it diet regime).

I had the pleasure of chatting with Cincinnati cocktail doyenne Molly Wellmann of Japp's in Over-the-Rhine a couple weeks ago. One of my pressing questions - what is the drink of summer?

Surely one does not stroll into Japp's and order a gin and tonic. Right? Amiright?

Molly quickly brushed aside my worries. Yes, of course it's okay to order a G&T, Molly said with a smile. The master mixologist makes her own tonic, which she'll gladly pour in your glass, but she will likely encourage you to try a lesser known gin instead of your favorite standby.

"Have an open mind. Be open to another kind of gin. Don't be upset when you can't get Tanqueray," she winked.

Pressing on, I did ask Molly what else would make a good summer cocktail. When the mercury has hit a fever pitch and cocktail glasses start sweating before you can take a sip - what is the best, refreshing drink to order?

A sling is a thirst quenching option, usually because it fruity and fizzy, a perfect combination for a hot July night. Molly also recommends Gin Rickeys, what she calls the ultimate refreshing drink. Fizzy and laced with lime juice, this drink is without sugar, so get ready to pucker up.

A few other options include Southsides (a drink from the 70s - gin, lemon, triple sec and mint), a good ol' Noggin Cleanser and a Brunswick Sour (a rum drink topped off with red wine).

If you'd like to try something a little more adventurous, order an Armalito Chico. Molly says this is a drink that folks sipped on in Mexico City in the 1930s. It's a tequila drink with lime, grenadine (Molly makes her own), and a splash or orange blossom of chamomile tea.

Whatever you do, though, don't ask Molly to make you a Mojito. "You can get 'em anywhere. They're at TGI Fridays."

Duly noted.

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Kelly said... of my recent favorites was a Gin & Juice. I don't know all the ingredients but the key components were Watershed Gin and grapefruit juice. It was lovely.