Wednesday, October 26, 2005

re: Pumpkinville

Hi Kate,
Mom reminded me that I used to call you "pumpkin" when we lived in Charlotte and you were very young. The people at S*********, the company I worked for at the time, remarked that I referred to my daughter as my pumpkin too. The secretaries thought that was pretty cute because they had not heard anyone refer to their kids as pumpkins before. One Sunday we were on a ride down near Greenville, SC, and we drove by a sign on a two lane road that said "Pumpkinville." I had a camera with me and I stopped the car and Mom took a picture of me standing next to the sign of "Pumpkinville." I think I was holding you in my arms and I sent a copy of the picture to S*********. They loved it. So, if you really like autumn, there may be a good reason for that. You and I were really good buddies when you were little and I always took you with me when I ran my errands and you loved going with me.
Happy Halloween......................pumpkin!