Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sidney Bristow or Lucy Liu

I need to look like someone else, and fast.

Let me explain. I'm not in the witness protection program, nor do I have a wife beater boyfriend (though you might jump to some different conclusions if you saw the massive, soda can sized bruise on the back side of my upper arm. However, that's just a casualty of being a fun girl in high heeled shoes).

I am going to a Halloween costume party this weekend and I need a good costume. I am considering bringing out my old standard Pink Wig (you know what pink wig I'm talking about) and the classic blue saran wrap. I'm thinking EuroTrash Club Kid.

My other idea is a poker straight (ha ha... Kate said poker), jet black wig with fish nets and lots of eye make-up. Very Dominatrix.

Any other ideas out there?

PS... Kate and her cronies are going to a Halloween party this Saturday night. It will cost ya 40 clams, but that's for all you can eat and drink. Plus, the party is a stone's throw away from Kate's apartment, so we'll be doing some pre and post partying Chez Moi. You all are welcome to crash on my newly vacuumed carpet if you know how to get there.

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