Monday, June 18, 2007

This Bed Is On Fire

I don't remember names so much, and I have a tough time remembering any given story when given a one-word reference.

At least, that's how my brain operates at work.

But if I could give a song to every story - no doubt I'd be able to remember every damn murder, sex crime or robbery we report.

I've talked about it before. My history is a mental catalog of music videos.

This past weekend I remembered one of my crushes, courtesy of the passionate and embattled James and his little ditty called Laid.

There was a time when my sister and I both had a crush on the next door neighbor. James and I were classmates in high school way back in the mid 1990s. James was a guy cool enough to be embraced by the popular crowd but classy and smart enough to be kind to everyone.

He played football (though I don't think he was really stellar on the gridiron). He drove a sweet, white Mustang - you know - the redesign that came out when Mustangs became cool again. James was in my French, AP History and Honors English classes. I think maybe we had some math classes together, too.


Bridge and I would get the binoculars and peer through the trees whenever James had a party. We'd crack open the window and strain to listen for any telling noise - a cool song, a celebratory whoop. With eyes squinted, we'd strain to see who got invited to the bash.... always with the lights off so no one would catch us watching.

Out of the two of us - Bridge was the cute one. She was a cheerleader and a bit leaner than I was, and James would always flirt with her. It drove me crazy - watching James flatter my younger sister. I'd get her back by bumming rides with him to the SATs and other places.

Whenever Bridge and I heard Laid, we'd sing it and smile, knowing our shared secret crush. We certainly were never the neighbors who complained about the noises above, beside or near... especially where James was concerned.

Good ol' James.

To be young again. I'd definitely have more confidence... strutting through the halls with my head held high.

Gosh, I was such a dork back then.

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The Notorious N.A.T said...

I loveeeee that song!!! It totally takes you back to a time and place. I think it was senior year high school for me. Such a great tune...