Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tom's of Maine

Anybody who reads my blog with any frequency has likely noticed a Green trend.

I don't think you could call me an Earth Mama (I still love to drive my car and I am horribly wasteful when it comes to leaving my lights on) but I am trying to make changes where I can.

Natural deodorant is my latest foray into the environmental initiative.

It's a lemon smelling scent made with a natural glycerin related substance, water, aloe vera, witch hazel, hops and other organic material.

The deodorant cost five bucks but I suppose it's a small investment in saving the Earth.


I'm about three days in, and I am fairly certain I don't stink (Double Platinum would have totally launched a rubberband at me if I did). Tom's deodorant doesn't include an antiperspirant so sometimes I feel like I'm glistening, but I don't know that you could call me a Sweaty Beast.

the deodorant stings a little bit every time I put it on (especially after shaving) but the sensation sort of disappears after a while.

Hmm. The jury's still out.

At 13 acres, my environmental footprint is taking a toll on the environment. How's yours?

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