Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flying By

I can't believe I shot this video November First.

The weather was gorgeous, the company agreeable (thank you, Double Platinum) and the entertainment adrenaline inducing.

It's too bad Kings Island got rid of the backwards Racer - that one was my favorite.

I'll admit - the screaming was a bit over the top... but what can I say, I scream when I'm excited.

(6:21 pm) PS- In watching this video - I completely forgot about the portion at the end... when Andy makes the comment about the "jiggling." It appears to me the ride got things a bit out of kilter. I assure you I was far more covered up than the video may indicate.


Amy in Ohio said...

The bossman keepeth me down with no speakers...I'll check it out at home!

Denae said...

Katy - The ride was so much fun! I loved it...although when I did this in person I think I lost my sunglasses. Oh well...better than whip lash.

Kate The Great said...

Thanks for taking the ride, D!

Yeah... I was a bit worried when keeping the sunglasses on during the ride, but A insisted I'd be okay. Had to stow them during the Beast, though, no matter what he said to reassure me they'd be okay!

Counting the days until I see you!