Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meeting Edward

Twilight freaks - have you bought your tickets yet?

I am so grateful to GOP Big Wig for turning me on to the series that has consumed my life since Mid October. I am just about to dive in to book four, Breaking Dawn, and am just as anxious to see the flick Friday night.

Interesting discussion I had with the local Twitterati (are you going to the OTRtweetup?): Do you think the movie version of Edward is just as hot as the Edward you've imagined while reading?

I, for one, have envisioned a guy who's a cross between princes William and Harry.

I am so jealous of Bella.


5chw4r7z said...

I'm interested to see what Jacob looks like, Bella and Edward don't look like I pictured them.

k said...

i think robert patterson (?) is a good choice because he is super gorgeous when he smiles. bella always says edward's smile dazzles her, and his smile has that quality. he's much cuter when he smiles. for that reason i agree with the choice, even though not exactly what i pictured.
the guy who plays jacob is way hot, much prettier than what i was picturing in my head.
CAN"T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE (sorry, nerdiness coming out)

andree said...

I don't think he is hot at ALL! Not like I pictured reading the book.

Kasmira said...

Oh, the movie was SO good! Did you like it? Edward wasn't how I imagined, but hot, nonetheless.