Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Season of Change

The trees are on fire, burning shades of sienna, crimson and goldenrod.

Graceful gusts of wind catch the wayward leaves, swirling them around until my feet shuffle through their crunchy bits on the sidewalk. The statuesque trees of copper and gold line the streets, a seasonal awning I pass beneath in awe.

I pull tight my coat, fighting off the brisk weather and wondering about a year gone by.

The months started with the mercury bottomed out, and with each passing day this sphere I call home spun and tilted a little closer to the sun. Nature turned green and then the days grew warm and long - a series returning us to this season of reflection.

Autumn is the time to examine the year gone by and make amends before time closes the chapter on another year.

High heels click on the cold concrete after a long day at the office, a gray evening with shadows more familiar in a black-and-white movie. Nature spent everything it had, thriving during spring and summer, and now is retreating to a more subdued state of relaxation.

It seems the maple tree is burning all its energy, striving to go out with a final burst of beauty.

My nostrils flair, I inhale deeply to savor the smoke from a nearby fire, roaring in someone's cozy living room.

More often then not, these days are spent with some kind of scarf wrapped around my ivory neck - soft pashminas, luxurious velvet versions, itchy-scratchy wooly woven scarves. I retreat into a closet full of warmer clothes, my only defense against what I'm powerless in preventing.

I am content with my season.

I am content with my change.


The Boyfriend said...

Isn't autumn wonderful? It's my favorite season. And I love it when it's cool, but not quite cold...wandering around autumn festivals and crafts fairs...sipping on mulled apple cider. And isn't the smell of a real hardwood fire the greatest aroma in the world?

Unknown said...

Really beautiful writing. I love fall and all the things associated with it.

Jason Kichline said...

I love your depiction of autumn. It is definitely my favorite season! It is a way of reflecting on the past year and where you've come from. I think you have illustrated that emotion with your words wonderfully!

Kate The Great said...

The BF - Yes, autumn is my favorite time of year. The colors are so fleeting, and they make me reflect on just how swiftly my own life is passing time.

Whalen and Jason, thanks so much for the props! It's so wonderful to hear there are other folks savoring the season... there's so much to watch, if we have the eye and time to pay attention!