Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anything But Rice-A-Roni

The countdown is on until I officially start my vacation.

My extremely kind father and I will set out in the dark of night (or morning, depending on how you look at things), leaving Cincinnati at a truly bleak and black 3 AM, destination: Louisville.
Now, I know the River City isn't the most exciting of locales, but it's merely a stop on my journey West (long live the CVG boycott). My 6 AM flight takes me to Chi-town for a brief respite (do you think the bars there will serve Bloody Marys at 7:30 AM?), and then I will make it to my first real vacation stop - San Francisco.
I scored a sweet deal on a hotel - the Hyatt Regency San Francisco for $75 a night. They were the only schmucks who would take my uber low ball Priceline bid on a four-star hotel. The hotel sounds pretty nice - it's steps away from the Ferry Building, looks on to the water, and was even featured prominently in Mel Brooks' movie, High Anxiety.
I've packed about a million different accessories to dress up or dress down the arsenal of black clothing I've packed for the journey. My red-and-white polkadotted rain boots are also making the trek as the forecast for Eugene and Portland includes nothing but rain.
My suitcase includes a good variety of pleasure reading and I also hope to tick away my birthday and Christmas thank you note list while I'm gone.
And though I intend on avoiding any bit of work on this adventure, I might have to take care of a cookbook duty or two, though I am really contemplating putting it off until I come back.
I've got both my Flip and still cameras packed, so I intend on doing some blogging while I'm exploring CA and Oregon...
Wish me luck on finding the REAL San Francisco treat.


The Notorious N.A.T said...

Good luck! Sounds fantastic, I am so jealous!

andree said...

Yes they sell booze at 6am in some airports and I discovered they all seem to have a special..."ma-am would you like a double for 3 bucks more?" Uh what do you think?

Robin Feltner said...

Good job on scoring the Hyatt at $75.00 a night. It pays (or saves) to be a savvy shopper. Looking forward to pics and video.
...I just got a Flip video, too. The Irishman had, ahem, interesting suggestions on film footage. :)

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