Monday, December 22, 2008


"You know what San Francisco does to people who have never seen it before... Everything about the city excited her; she had to walk all the hills, explore the edge of the ocean, see all the old houses and wander the old streets; and when she came upon something unchanged, something that was as it had been, her delight was so strong, so fiercely possessive! These things were hers."

The quote above was cut from Hitchcock's Vertigo, a spectacular psychological thriller I was delighted to study in a college film class.

The movie starring Jimmy Stewart was perhaps my first exposure to the sights of San Francisco - a movie that to this day has left me with a desire to see Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts.

This week my brain is juggling thoughts of sugarplums with dreams of catching cable cars and sinking my teeth into spectacular, off-the-boat seafood.

New additions to the to-do list: visit the Buena Vista for an Irish Coffee (okay, I might have more than one), spin by the Fairmont Hotel for a cocktail & visit with Rusty's cousin, check out Coit Tower.

I only need to get through the next week and then my brain and I will be able to enjoy a nice rest.

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