Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Around the globe, people are celebrating the holiday season.

Whether you celebrate the birth of Christ, the miracle of the oil in the temple or Kwanzaa, please make sure you refrain from celebrating as wildly as these two ladies.

(My TV peeps will especially enjoy the state-of-the-art editing and camera pans in this video).

Special hat tip to Tacky-Holiday-Sweater-Birdman for posting the video on Facebook - you know who you are ;)


Denae said...

Ohmygosh. They both look like they're being tortured - when in fact they are torturing me. Thanks for sharing...I think.

liberal foodie said...

hilarious! the younger lady looks like she's about ready to uncross her hands and hit her friend.

stepfanie said...

They look tortured--and like they've been holed up in a compound out west for most of their lives!