Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My veins are a perfect example of my conflict where color is concerned.

An exact balance of blue and red - coursing through my arteries and capillaries. A symbiotic relationship of oxygenated blood and the darker version with carbon dioxide.


For years - no, I'd be willing to say decades - blue was my favorite color. Sky blue, turquoise blue, Kentucky blue, baby blue - I loved 'em all. Royal blue was my favorite (which made Kentucky a perfect selection for me in my college years), but over time I've gravitated more toward cerulean and Swiss blue.

But then, something happened, and I found my closet was full of red. I found red accents in my apartment. I discovered that I was actually a red person - a horrible admission for someone who was accustomed to hating anything Cardinal red; in the Bluegrass, they don't breed anyone to see red, well except for maybe in stop signs, stop lights and the veins in Alan Cutler's forehead.


All these years after outing myself as a red person, I still long for a little navy or cobalt in my life. Though my wardrobe is chock full of black and, well, black - I have plenty of purple, turquoise and crimson accessories to spice up my look. But nary an indigo.

Save for a wool, Kentucky blue scarf.

And that's what I'll be wearing at tonight's ONE event at the Cincinnati Art Museum. This year's series is celebrating four shades - in November it was all about vermilion. This evening's gathering is all about azure. Whether you say Ah-jhur or az-oore, it's sure to be a great event with lots of fun people and interesting cultural touches.

My fabulous, fashion forward friend Red Kat Blonde (maybe she should change her name to Blue Kat Blonde this evening?) is chair of the series, and I know she's poured her heart and soul into this year's program.

So stop by the Museum this evening between 5:30 and 9 p.m., and visit a while.

I'll be the chick with the blue scarf on.

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