Sunday, February 15, 2009

Would It Smell As Sweet?

Can't we just pick a nickname and stick with it?

That's my exclamation after watching a local news segment this morning. I'll explain my exasperation in a moment, but this whole question of What's in a name, anyway? reminds me of a conversation I had with some of my friends Friday night.

The discussion arose after someone revealed she preferred to be introduced to strangers by her given, perhaps more formal name. This friend said she was comfortable with having people call her by her shorter nickname, but still enjoyed the formality of introduction and her given name.

On the surface, it seems trivial, but it's something I identify with, too - what with my interchangeable use of Katherine, Kate and Katy depending on the scenario and social circle.

This brings me back to my earlier tease.

I promise I'll keep my diatribe brief, though I am fairly certain this is a complaint shared by others in the Queen City.

Is it Cincy, Cinci, or Cinti?

In any given week, Cincinnatians may absorb dozens of abbreviations referencing their fine city, and I'm okay with that. My problem is that there's no consistency with these casually dropped nicknames.

The marketer in me makes me wonder whether Cincinnati is having an identity crisis. Don't we know how to spell our own nickname? I'm Katy-with-a-Y. Never have I been Katie or Kati, Katey, Cady or Catie or any other variation of the name.

I've known how to spell my name since I was 3 or so - and that makes me think that Cincinnati, at her 221 years old, is either incredibly slow or perhaps confused about her image.

Why can't we just pin down one version and stick with it, Cincinnati?

I can already see the marketing campaign - Cincy - the official nickname of the 513.


distorted.girl said...

hee hee.

glass said...

I'm glad to see that 'Nati isn't even in the running.