Monday, February 02, 2009


Though I am most passionate about food and travel, my titles of foodie and adventurer often take a back seat to the more practical and sometimes tedious chore of wordie.

The fact that I am using this word to imply a definition all my own is not lost on me.

My taste buds and passport are always jonesing for a little use-and-abuse, but my skills as a wordsmith get more mileage both in professional and personal endeavors. I analyze the nuances of words while shampooing my hair. I toy with alliteration while taking on treacherous traffic traveling toward town. I riff on rhymes on paper and in my brain. I read the dictionary when I'm bored.


It is this obsession that leads me to share with you my recent pondering: the definition of the words persistence and dedication.

Persistence implies a dogged, determined attempt to make something happen. The success of a new relationship relies on persistence. Occupational fulfillment depends on persistence. The results of persistence are proof that sometimes we have to be our own rainmaker. Sometimes we have to be the catalyst to make the life changes we desire. Looking back on past experiences, I've encountered people who I thought annoying because of their extreme persistence. But once they achieved their goals and aspirations, I felt nothing but respect and admiration for those folks.

Persistence in the beginning has its rewards in the end. Persistence is a change agent.

Dedication is a different beast all together. Dedication is a commitment made from start to finish. When an individual takes on a task, their success is directly proportional to the level of dedication they employ during execution. Dedication does not waver, wane or waffle - it remains constant along a continuum of necessity. Disappointment, frustration, challenge and adversity all may threaten steadfast dedication - I know I've faced those obstacles when striving to accomplish something significant. That's when I try to prod my dedication by visualizing the successful end results I'm aspiring to achieve.

Dedication depends on endurance when striving for success.

This analysis of semantics is important because it reminds me that a mission done well requires both elements.

After just completing a nine-month-long project, I am exploring my life's priorities and direction, and know I will need to summon persistence and dedication in the next opportunity.

I think I'm ready.


Jason Kichline said...

Oh no, there's another one of me! Yes, when I'm bored I read or so I completely understand. I wonder if I should just make the jump to a writer instead of a computer programmer. The vocabulary in the latter profession is so limiting.

But isn't there such amazing meaning in words? I love the origins of words too because they add so much information beyond modern connotations.

WestEnder said...

Interesting. Perhaps it would be fair to say also that dedication often carries an emotional component (kids, spouse, friend) whereas persistence does not (necessarily).

Unknown said...

Being the sort of person who giggles when someone else displays accidental insight by saing, "I feel badly," much of this post made me smile.

Congradulations on finishing your project! You have much to be proud of.


Kate The Great said...

JK - I am going to issue some restraint when checking out those sites. I can't explain to you how jazzed I get about words. So many people have a flat, boring vernacular. My goal is to spice things up with a little vocab variety.

WE - that's some great insight. I also think persistence has something to do with ego and personal goals, whereas commitment carries with it an unspoken obligation - to friends, team members, family (and thereby ties to your emotional component). Fun stuff to consider - I love semantics :)

J - someone once said they feel badly? Gosh - so glad they've never felt me! Har har har... About my project... well, we'll see - the jury's out until I get my first proof/copy in my hot little hands...