Monday, December 28, 2009

My Life In Pictures

I know I've been AWOL.

Please don't hate me.

Life (the Holidays, family, friends, other obligations) got in the way of my posting. I imagine it got in the way of your routine, too.

Here's a glimpse at some of the chaos I weathered this past Saturday.

My days are never ordinary, that's for sure.


9:30 AM - Chilling dark chocolate dessert cups ahead of the evening's dinner plans.

2 PM - Taking a break from the dinner preparations to pick up some new shoes. Michael Kors platform, snakeskin stilettos. $40, down from $130. Score.

6:30ish PM - Hanging out at Urgent Care in Oakley to pick up three stitches and a Tetanus shot after I had a run-in with a mandolin. For my non-cooking friends - I did not go to battle against a musical instrument. A mandolin is a flat plain device with a blade in the middle; it's used to slice vegetables very thinly.

It's also used to slice thumb flesh very thinly.

8:30 PM - Back to work in the kitchen after my First Aid hiccup. This is a pic of the most fabulous acorn squash dish. The squash is roasted and then dressed with a citrus/chili/cilantro dressing. Dynamite.

8:45 PM - Resting London Broil, prepared with a treasured family recipe marinade. I was not permitted to slice the meat or do anything that involved cutting for the rest of the evening.

8:45 PM - Potatoes Anna. The dish that was my downfall of the evening. Thankfully, my dinner company was quite comfortable working a mandolin and otherwise preparing this dish. The evening was redeemed.

8:55 PM - The plated meal in all its glory.

10 PM - What was the point of those balloons dipped in chocolate, anyway?? Here's a look at my "Hot Chocolate Mousse." You can find the recipe in the Junior League of Cincinnati's latest cookbook, Cincinnati Seasoned.


KristaNeher said...

Glad you are ok... the food looks awesome and I *LOVE* the shoes. Awesome deal. Enjoy the holidays and we'll have to catch up after :)

Andi @ udandi / Lunch It Punch It said...

mmm that Hot Chocolate Mousse looks terrific!

Unknown said...
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Niessie said...

haha I like how you make the dark chocolate dessert cups!

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