Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Strangest Dream Ever

The wedding was at a country club.

At least, that's what I could surmise.

Bluegrass Brit and I showed up dressed in our finest - I think there may have been some ruching, taffeta and even sequins. We walked by a kelly green lawn when we discovered a sparkling pool with little, tan girls running around, squealing and horse playing along the edge of the turquoise waters.

Brit said it looked like fun. So we hightailed it to the Ladies' Lounge at the clubhouse and stripped out of our dresses, pantyhose and heels and put on something more appropriate for swimming beneath an azure sky.

I don't really remember any elements of us swimming, but what I do remember next in the sequence is us, standing over a balcony (in our bathing suits), watching the bridal party and guests arriving for the ceremony (or was this after the ceremony that we missed because of our swimming?). Not really germane to the dream, the groom was an unnamed Cincinnati council member. The women were all wearing elaborate gowns and dresses made of candy.

Yes. Made of candy.

The groom's mother was in a sugar spun confection that made her look like the Queen of Hearts. Sparkly, wispy and white, it had a sort of cape that fanned behind her head (have you ever seen any of Cate Blanchett's Elizabeth flicks?), accentuated by candied hearts.

The outfit was certainly sweet, but her chilly smirk was anything but. I think she was pissed because Brit and I were giggling and in our bathing suits - I think maybe we had reverted and become part of the little, tan girls I mentioned earlier, instead of the 30-something women we really are.

Another woman had a crazy dress right out of the Bill Cosby Sweaters collection - squiggles made of Twizzlers, gum drops and I think even some shreds of Big League Chew.

At this point, Brit and I decided we were missing out on a helluva party, so we ran back to the Ladies' Lounge at the club house, anxious to get our dresses back on.

I distinctly remember yelling, "But I can't find my Spanx! I can't find my Spanx!"

That's when Brit called up her husband, 007, who brought her makeup and other primping supplies.

007 couldn't find my Spanx, but I managed to put pantyhose on my still-wet legs and head to the party.

And then I woke up.

How bizarre.

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