Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I'm Really Trying

This is what I had for breakfast:

That said, if someone is able to overeat granola and salad, I think I did today.

It is probably a little insane that I am entertaining the idea of cracking down on my diet, what with my vacation in a week and a half.

If you know San Francisco dining, I'd love to hear your suggestions/opinions.

I have a bunch of reservations on the books:
Big 4 Restaurant
Campton Place
Bourbon and Branch
Supperclub San Francisco
Sutro's at the Cliff House
Fifth Floor
Foreign Cinema

I have a feeling we might skip out on lunch at Sutro's, but for now, the reservation stays.

Right now, the highlight of my trip is our stop at Bourbon and Branch. I've been dying to check that place out for a year and a half.

Can't wait to see what they do with my favorite elixir of the Bluegrass.

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I understand the whole overeating granola and veggies. I started my diet today and had an overload of green beans. haha I wish I could suggest some places in San Fran for you, but I've only been there once. Plus, I was there with company who were more touristy towards fisherman's wharf, etc.;the main attractions. I was more interested in trying the popular, great cuisine, huge breakfasts and lunches, but alas everyone else wanted opposite. Sigh.

Tra La La Boom De Ay said...

Out surfing the blogs and came by your site. The bag of veggies made me laugh! I grew up in the bay area. I love Frisco! Enjoy your time there. I loved the fresh french bread and crab off wharf. Let me know if that is still there!

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Eric said...
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Todd the Toad said...

That food looks delicious. Love your blog. - Todd

Junior said...

Stop suffering eating those veges for breakfast. I guess you know that being on a diet is not enough to get fit. You´ve got to loose calories doing aerobic exercises.
No pain no gain.

Anonymous said...

I promise I'm not a spammer :) And I found your blog through your twitter page, which I think I initially followed because a friends was following you and your tweets were funny. Ok, so now that I've announced my cyber-weirdness...

If you're going to San Fran and area a coffee fiend, I've heard great things about Blue Bottle. You should check it out!

Alexis Hooke said...

I just stumbled across your blog thanks to the next blog button and LOVE it. You'll have a new follower in just a few moments!

As for San Francisco dinning, I go to San Francisco State University and can give you a little bit of the low down! I see you have Sutro's a the Cliff House already down and THAT is a must you can't skip out on it! The lunch menu is significantly cheaper than the dinner menu and at lunch time you can look out over the beautiful ocean through their floor to ceiling windows. Their service is fabulous and their food is ridiculously good. It's a special spot for my boyfriend and I considering it is pricey but it's a must see attraction and afterward you can take a lovely walk on the beach or walk to the ruins of the bath house as the waves crash up against the rocks. Really, you can't skip out on it.

If you find yourself near west portal there is a crazy good sandwich shop called submarine central. They make heated subs that are sublime. A cute small little sub shop that the locals all know and while you're there West Portal is an absolutely adorable little street in the city. I don't know where you're staying but the M line underground goes straight from downtown to the west portal stop. Also 9th and Irving has a ton of fabulous restaurants and cute little shops. It's a great place to hit up.
And if you're doing the downtown shopping and you love Thai, King of Thai noodle house has fabulous food. It only accepts cash but it's quick, cheap, delicious and all over the city. there is one right outside of the parking garage across from macy's in union square. And last but not least you can NOT miss out on Boudin. Greatest Sourdough in the city. If you like Clam chowder you absolutely must get the clam chowder bread bowl, but their sandwiches and salads are fabulous too. They have a bunch all over the city but if you're going to Fisherman's wharf then you should save the experience for then. Watch out for the Bush Man!

If you have any other question feel free to stop by my blog and ask! I'm out for a two week tonsillectomy recovery and dreaming about all of this great food is making me salivate! hahah.

p.s. I have never been to Citizen Cake but it is supposed to be absolutely fabulous and I'm dying to go. I'd check it out.

OH and p.p.s. If you love Italian food and/or garlic make sure you go to North Beach (it's the little Italy of the city) and walk around until you find a restaurant you'd like. They're ALL fabulous.

p.p.p.s. If you like Chinese you must get it in China town, and if you're going to China Town you have to go to the fortune cookie factory. They give you free samples of fresh fortune cookies and the bags are super cheap and they're absolutely delicious!

Alexis Hooke said...

One more thing, If you're venturing north of San Francisco into Marin (which you should) you absolutely have to go to Sol Food in San Rafael. It's Peurto Rican cuisine and every person that goes there is in love with the place. They've been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and they are WELL worth the drive. My suggestion is to order the Steak Bistec sandwich and a (homemade) Limeade. It remains my absolute favorite food ever and their sweet plantains are to die for. You must go!

Demosthenes said...

there is something called eating too much healthy foods... :) its fun though.


Patrick J said...

try a variety of healthy and small portions, that way you are tricking your body that you are eatting many things. Instead of over eating eatting granola and veggies, go for something more filling. A bowl of oatmeal and an apple,perhaps?

whiskedaway said...

Do you like oysters? If so, you should go to Swan Oyster Depot for lunch - you will have to wait in line, but it's worth it. I also stumbled upon the coolest boutique in North Beach neighborhood when I was visiting. It's called AB Fits (www.abfits.com) - highly recommended! Have fun!

The818 said...

Home in San Francisco is great. And I'm a real person! How do all those spammers get through the captcha?!

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gochisogourmet said...

Dining in The City... Hmm... Poggio in Sausalito, Dosa on Fillmore, Saha in the Hotel Carlton, Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley, Lark Creek Steak in the Westfield Centre, Aziza on Geary, Incanto in Noe Valley, Frjtz in Hayes Valley, Absinthe at Hayes/Gough or Lulu on Folsom...

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