Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New, Lost Love

I fell in love with two men on May 19.

Actually, it's more like two men, a woman and a smoke monster.

The popular ABC drama, LOST, entered my life last spring, and I've been a changed woman ever since.

For the first time, I do not cringe at the thought of bills and junk mail in the mailbox. No, I run to my door in anticipation of the latest Netflix installment of Jack and Sawyer and Kate and the Oceanic Six (and the rest of their pals/frenemies).

I started watching old LOST DVDs in May in the hopes I'd be able to catch up and watch the series' final season (which starts Tuesday on ABC at 8 PM with an hour long recap, and then the season opener at 9 PM) with the rest of the "Losties."

You see, I made the mistake of watching The Sopranos (the entire series) well after the show went off the air. My discoveries, emotional revelations and other exclamations went lost on my colleagues (save for one fellow Tony fan - I miss you, SCO!).

This time, I thought I wanted to join the Losties and watch the show's ending as it unfolded on national television.

I finished the last three episodes of Season 5 on Wednesday, and I'm anxious to see what happens next week. I have gone so far as to enter LOST into my Outlook calendar for the next 18 Tuesdays.

Appointment television, indeed.

Has a show ever dished up so many twists and turns?


Has a show ever simultaneously featured so many religious allegories while launching a fantastical story about science fiction, physics and other mind bending phenomena?

Probably not.

Here's to a spectacular end to a wonderful series.

Please do not call, text or otherwise seek out my attention for the next several Tuesday evenings.

I'm not busy - I'm just LOST.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The media is buzzing with the end of LOST. Check out this sneak peek of the first four minutes of Tuesday's premiere, CNN's piece including six secrets from the set of LOST and a great "Last Supper" photo of the cast, and this NYT writeup that explains many of LOST's mysteries will be revealed starting with the first episode of the season. The Times piece also claims viewers can jump in this season without having watched any of the previous episodes.

Man, that's mind boggling.

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The Style Mansion said...

I started following Lost, then my schedule changed!

Dr. Alex said...

Looking forward to keeping up with LOST, but I'll be 3 hrs. behind!!!

Carrie said...

Kate, I have been obsessed with LOST for 2 years now, and it really does consume your life! I am so pumped for this season, and I don't think I will ever love a show this much:) I just made a huge post about it!