Friday, May 07, 2010

Bloom and Grow, Forever

I'll admit it. I am a sucker for flowers.

After good food and spectacular travel, flowers are likely the third best device to make me fall in love with somone. They're romantic, they're fleeting and they're stunning.

Flowers are the best way to say I'm sorry / I love you / I miss you / I need you / Thank you. Flowers are a great way to honor an old friend or loved one, and a goregeous way to leave a lasting impression on someone you've just met.

A man who gives flowers is a hero on a white horse.

Sunday is Mother's Day, and sadly my mother will be out of town visiting her own mom in Minnesota. Had she been in town this weekend, she would have likely scored some flowers from Zinn's Buy the Bunch at Findlay Market.

The Over-the-Rhine market is one of my favorite places to buy flowers. Living a single lifestyle doesn't mean one must survive without a bunch of stunning blooms to call their own; I am quite comfortable buying my own flowers, no matter the occasion.

Buy the Bunch is a new vendor at Findlay Market - Justin says he replaced the previous flower shop three months ago. A quick spin through his corner, and you'll see why he's bound to reap many successes.

Whether you prefer sunflowers as big as dinner plates or calla lilies so graceful and slender they make you think you could sip champagne out of them, this little shop is sure to have something you'd drool over.

The peonies above captivated me for a good minute or two. At first glance, they looked like the Martha Stewart pom poms I once made for an event (note: 30 or 40 of these pom poms look stunning when hanging from a ceiling at various heights). Upon further review, I grew enamored with the contrast of the flowers' white, almost translucent petals, and the deep maroon-purple center.
The most whimsical item in the place - a daisy tree. If my mother was really in to flowers, then this is what I'd buy her. Daisies are her favorite, and at $45, this tiny tree is a bit of an investment.

But gosh... it's just so darling.

You can find Buy the Bunch in the Findlay Market building - it's on the other side of the wall behind Col. De Ray's Herbs & Spice. More information at or 513-275-2331.

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Ara said...

That daisy tree is absolutely adorable!!! This makes me want to go out & buy some flowers to just liven up my own little place a little. :)