Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Look Mahvoulous...

I feel like a goddess right now.

And it's because someone paid me a lovely compliment. A wise woman once told me a compliment is the best gift you can give someone; it makes them feel like a million bucks, and it doesn't cost you a dime.

Wiser words were never said.

So today, I ran into someone I know from being a gal about town. This awesome chick is embarking on a really cool business opportunity, and she mentioned she might need my assistance to serve as a sort of model, "because, you know, we want pretty people."

Jaw drop.

My head swiveled around and, for a minute, I thought she was talking about someone standing behind me. I've never considered myself a raving beauty. I am never the prettiest girl in the room, but sometimes one of smartest or most interesting. Never the stunner that everyone's looking at and talking about.

Though there was that one weekend a few weeks ago.

A pal of mine, @the_joey on Twitter, gave me a blogging writing assignment over two weeks ago. "Kate, write about the last time you were truly happy."

Little did he know that this Monday evening assignment came on the heels of a weekend that could have not presented a bigger, more varying emotional roller coaster.

The night prior, I was crying my eyes out over a very painful situation involving a very trying relationship. Since this isn't the Happy Moment In Question, I'll digress.

The Saturday night of said weekend, though, what a fantastical experience.

So, there I was, never-the-prettiest-girl-but-sometimes-one-of-the-smartest-or-most-interesting, dressed up for an evening of ballet and cocktails. I had on a black, Calvin Klein dress very reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe's white vision on the subway grate and these dynamite stiletto shoes. My hair was flipped out and had a good bit of volume, and I was actually sporting makeup.

It was a banner evening in regards to my ensemble and styling - and apparently everyone noticed.

I don't think I've received so many compliments in one evening. There I was, receiving glowing remarks from just about everyone who chatted with me. I got hit on by single men, married men, older men, younger men. Even women.

That Saturday night was phenomenal. I enjoyed cocktails with a handsome gentleman, trotted out a few dance steps with another, and had one gentleman offer to make another jealous.

All around, very surreal goings on for Kate.

A dear friend of mine (who said she couldn't keep her eyes off my cleavage while I was wearing the dress of the evening) has suggested I get copies of that dress made in every color of the rainbow. Another friend suggested I wear that dress every time I go out.

I know my black Marilyn dress isn't magic, but I do suppose it gives me an extra shot of confidence.

And confidence is sexier than the best pair of legs or the tiniest waist in the world.

Find what makes you feel mahvoulous, and rock out.

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