Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dream A Little Dream For Me

An ocean, a wedding, friends, family, paparazzi... And me swimming in a cocktail gown.

I never remember dreams, but this one was pretty vivid, and involves some of my friends, so I thought I'd jot it down for your entertainment.

Evening. Moonbeams and glinting waves lap up on the shore. I have no idea which "shore" this is, though I'm guessing Connecticut because the scene is very similar to where I lived as a teen. Navy waters and a grand, glowing hotel hosting a sparkling wedding reception. I am a guest at said event.

I find myself swimming in the water in a black dress with a plunging neckline. My long (obviously this is Fantasy Land) golden tresses wave and whirl behind me in the water as I splash and stroke through the ocean beneath the midnight, starry sky.

Flash forward. I'm dripping wet. My dress and my hair are completely water logged, and I'm wandering around the wedding reception with Ms. 5chw4r7z. I'm trying to be inconspicuous, as my embarrassment grows about my damp condition. She and I roam around the tables with flickering candlelight and stunning floral centerpieces, looking for our friends. We pass through the dance floor and see Sara Celi - she's got a feathered headpiece in her hair.

Then I remember that I was supposed to spend the evening at the reception with my father and youngest sister. I panic because I feel like I've abandoned them, and I'm running through city blocks of OtR-ish brick buildings (yes, somehow this scene is still related to the wedding reception, but now we're in a city instead of at the grand hotel on the ocean) and desperately searching empty cafĂ© tables and chairs for my dad and sister.

I find them at a two-top table closer to the hotel. They are sitting on a porch area that overlooks the water. We see each other and my dad looks disappointed. I am completely ashamed.

Then I wander back to the reception and see my best friend, Bluegrass Brit, wearing a stunning, floor length, silver, silk gown with navy petticoats and crinoline underneath. She has a silver and navy trimmed British fascinator in her hair, and she's making the most grandiose poses for the paparazzi, who have assembled to take her photo. That's when I notice she has purple lipstick smeared below her lower lip, unbeknownst to her. She's smiling and posing, and I approach her and tell her about the lipstick and she wipes it off, and the blinding camera flashes begin again.

And then I wake up.

Anyone with any insight on what this means?

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