Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad Girl, Bad Girl, Such A Naughty Bad Girl

I think I discovered what it feels like to be a hooker.

Not the whole, money-for-sex thing, but the whole I'm-working-the-corner concept. That's the feeling that washed over me last week as I walked to dinner.

I set out in a short, black, linen skirt and black top, with silver-sequined, kitten heeled shoes, and a little, black handbag. My hair was perfectly coiffed and warpaint covered my face. I was ready for a good time.

But not that kind of good time.

A block away from my home in Over-the-Rhine, I encountered a gentleman named David. Riding on his bicycle, he sidled up next to me and asked me where I was going. A loose t-shirt hung on David's chest; his pants were grubby and his face, his chin and his head were covered in curly, black and gray hairs.

David pursed his lips when I told him I was going to dinner to meet a gentleman. His bike slowly rolled beside me, crossing streets and waiting with me as I watched for blinking crosswalk signs.

Along the way, he shared with me that he's a bricklayer. He cocked a smile and asked what I was doing in such a neighborhood - I told him I lived here. Pace by pace, David followed me. We looked like quite a pair.

I think we were crossing Central Parkway when it dawned on me - we probably look like a pimp and a hooker.

We paced a few more blocks until I arrived at my destination, and David flung out his flip phone and asked me if he could have my phone number.

I politely declined, falsely implying the gentleman was more than a friend. It's a defense mechanism I learned a long time ago - pretending to have a boyfriend when it's convenient.

He wheeled away, his head hanging.

I told him I looked forward to meeting him on the street another time.

Hopefully a time when I'm not dressed to the nines.

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Anonymous said...

That is too funny! Try walking down Main Street in a flight attendant uniform. I got more "offers" than I would ever actually want. :)

When I first heard where Ms. Julie was moving I was a bit skeptical. Hope it's turning out well. You may want to pick up a can of pepper spray if your going to go walking out lookin' all fine in the future.

I love the area and walk where ever I want when ever I want to. I simply act like I "own" the place and it's all good. Show no fear!

5chw4r7z said...

I liked the carload of guys that drove past us all Saturday night and yelled "hey white people"
Not in a threatening way but like they were tickled pink to see us out in the wild.

The word verification is bless, a good sign?

Kate The Great said...

Christina - that is absolutely how I strut! Zero intimidation in OtR!

Bob - yes, I absolutely loved that moment. I don't know if they were surprised to see us in the neighborhood, but I am glad OtR is embracing people of all kinds!

Sophia said...

Ugh....A couple months ago was in eye docs office. Older guy (NOT my type.at.all) tried to pick me up in the waiting room after we exchanged BRIEF pleasantries on the weather! Normally i wear no eye makeup to the office due to ongoing issues but this day 'dressed up for the cool rare summer day& applied some'....sigh.

Said man sauntered up & asked if he could get personal....I said hesitatingly..."ok" thinking he might be complementing me on my summer skirt, tank top with cover floral blouse. He asked if I was married. I said no to which he replied: "Wanna go out?" Less than 20 words led to this question! I said I lived with a man..which is true, but strictly platonic.

A month later, I was there at the same time AGAIN as this guy. I gave no eye contact & called a friend on the phone until he went back for his exam.

Then, yesterday he was scheduled an hour before another checkup of mine (Dr gleefully warned me ;) ) I scouted the parking lot knowing his vehicle & he was gone when I arrived an hour later.

I've seen this doctor for 15 years and he found this whole scene hilarious.

Let's hope you do not run into this guy with any regularity.:)
It's disconcerting when it happens more than once.