Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Like To Dance

Ask my father about his memories of me as a baby, and "drama" is one of the first words he'll utter.

Pursue the conversation a little more, and he will tell you tales of a one and a half year old version of myself, holding on to my father's neck with one hand and grandly waving my other arm, all while dancing to the iconic and legendary "One Of These Nights," by The Eagles.

We'd sway to that harmonious melody, my young self invoking every essence of Saturday Night Fever, complete with miniature disco moves.

I have apparently had a flair for the dramatic since birth.

This drama that bubbles beneath my surface, it adores feather boas and bumpin' music with dramatic bass. It seeks out everything that is high flying, sparkling and sensational. I am a natural when it comes to costumes, wigs and false eyelashes.

And of course, I absolutely adore dancing.

My dramatic diva self is going to get a dose of the good life Thursday evening when Mixx Ultra Lounge in Over-the-Rhine flings open the doors to Stereo, which is being billed as "Cincinnati's most unique dance party."

The 60's inspired pop-art event focuses on diversity and artistic expression, inviting anyone of any community to join in and hit the dance floor with aplomb.

Guests can expect to see over-the-top art installations, wild lights and pop art surrounding the space. Mixx owner Julian Rodgers says he's creating this dance party to help champion the community's diversity and inspire a crowd from every segment of Cincinnati.

Mixx is not charging a cover for the evening, but will serve up cocktails and lite bites including butterfly shrimp, OTR fries, quesadillas and sushi. And renowned mixologist Molly Wellmann will tend the bar, pouring up three craft cocktails for the occasion.

"Mixx Ultra Lounge was created in 2008 to bring people from every walk of life and race together," Rodgers says. "No angle of this event has been overlooked or underdone. I hope that this party ignites everyone's spirit and can bring the city a little closer together.”

You can join the fun crowd at Stereo @ Mixx Ultra Lounge - 1203 Main St., from 10 pm to 2:30 am.

Who knows. I might be the girl in the wig.

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