Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Have Made Fiii-yaaaahh!

I love that scene in Castaway.

You know the one - the one where Tom Hanks is running around with just a loincloth, dirt and charred marks streaked all over his body, waiving a blazing torch after cracking humanity's code for making fire.

I love it.

It's so primitive, so raw, so sincere. Here's a guy who is ready to do cartwheels on some god forsaken island because he managed to manipulate solid particles and gas and give birth to a flame without so much as a Zippo, a book of matches or a chef's torch.

Turns out Ikea has everything you need should you ever get trapped in that behemoth of a store in West Chester. Oh, the humanity. Picture it. Suburbanites throwing themselves against the glass doors, desperate to escape to the safe confines of their massive SUVs.

But I digress.

All you need to start a fire at Ikea is a wooden hanger, some rope, some other kitchen utensils and some decorative sea grass.

Does sea grass grow freely in Sweden?

Next time, leave the JUBLA pillar candles alone and pull a Tom Hanks.

The store will love you.

(Hat tip to one of my fave DIY blogs, Ikea Hacker, for sharing this nugget).

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