Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Advocating On Behalf of OtR

Hi friends,

Many of you who read this blog care about Over-the-Rhine, and I wanted to share with you something that is happening right now, something that gravely threatens this beloved neighborhood's status as a historic district.

Demolition crews are currently on site at 142 E. McMicken to potentially destroy a historic building next to the abandoned Rothenburg school. They want to demo the building to make a driveway for trucks.

The problem is, the building is not in complete disrepair. All sources say the old building has good bones and can be repaired and brought up to code.

The demo of this building could potentially threaten Over-the-Rhine's designation as a National Register of Historic Places.

There are several people you can call to voice your concerns about this. Those offices include:

Mayor Mallory 513-352-3250
Cincinnati School Board 513-363-0040
Amit Ghosh (City of Cincy 352-3433)
Mike Burson (CPS 207-7715)
Charles Graves at City Hall (513) 352-4851

You can learn more information at many sites, the two below are just a good start:!/otradopt

Aside from your money or time, advocacy is one of the best ways to show you care about something. Please take a moment to make a phone call or send an email. It takes but a moment, and if many of us work together, it has the potential to make a huge impact.

I really care about this neighborhood. I love its history. I love its beauty. I love its people.

I believe you do, too.


PS - If you are also an advocate for OtR, please pass this on to someone who cares about this matter.

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derek Bauman said...

This is a travesty. Just got off the phone with various officials. Starting on emails now.