Monday, December 20, 2010

How Do You Do?

I promise I wasn't kidnapped.

Though my absence has grown long, I assure you my cheesy mug covers nary a milk carton. The chaos of life (birthdays, holidays, work, volunteering, you-name-it) has gotten in the way of my quality time with my computer.

But fear not, dear reader. I have a few things up my sleeves.

On the horizon:
-What happens when a chick puts on her Big Girl Panties (hint: it's a g-string) and throws caution to her singleness
-The great worries I'm mulling after booking my next great vacation (they involve sweatiness, strange bugs and the modesty of burqas. True story)
-Grammar Gripe: The best response to deliver when someone asks, "How are you?"

Okay. So there it is. If I could write this in blood on my computer monitor, I would... but that's just not sanitary.

Until then, send someone a someecard - you know someone who deserves it... and that's not saying much.

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