Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Cheating On You

Stop the presses. I'm starting a new blog.

Some big life decisions have led me to think about how I live my life. For those of you who've been following along on Twitter and the blog, it's no secret - my car has given me a significant headache this past year.

It started with the crazy car exhaust drama last May, followed by some really expensive brakes drama this autumn, followed by a window smashing. Add in a new tire and a new car battery, and 2010 is chalking up to a $2000+ year for the ol' Saab.

Over the Christmas holiday, my car started teasing me with hints of major engine woes. Flickers of the fiery red Check Oil light, staccato ticking under the hood. All signs pointed to misery, and I was ready to throw the key in the door, light a match and walk away.

And that's kind of what I'm doing.

Yesterday, I called up the dealership, asked them to stand down on a $500 procedure to assess the engine damage, and began putting the wheels in motion to get rid of the damn car.

Now, I freaking love that ride. The Saab and I have had some good times - trips to New England, Georgia and Nashville. We've enjoyed the open road together, and I am a bit sad to see her go.

But the year ahead is going to bring with it new opportunities, new challenges and a bevy of kick-ass experiences.

Rather than clutter up my single girl stream with woes and wonders of life sans-car, I'm starting a new blog.

Kate's Random Musings will still be the completely random, irreverent, insightful place it always has been.

Car Free In The Queen City will hopefully be much different. This blog is going to chronicle life in a Midwestern town with fledgling (but not fantastic) public transportation options. Just as random as my original blog, CFCQ is going to be a smattering of information, stories, reflections and ramblings about life without a car. I imagine there will be a bit of an overlap (hello, blog post about single girl riding the bus to a date...), but I'm going to try really hard to keep the content different.

The new blog is in transition (read: I just set it up this morning), so please don't knock it. I've got a bit of work to do on the template and other nitty gritty details, but it's ready to roll with content, complete with its very first blog post.

CFQC even has its own Twitter account, CarFreeQC, so feel free to follow me there for kicks and quips.

Thanks for all of the support y'all have offered me through this major life decision. I'm committing to one year sans car; I'll be eligible to buy a new car as soon as Christmas Eve, 2011, the anniversary of the last time I took the Saab for a spin.

This is going to be so exciting.

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The Notorious N.A.T said...

GOOD LUCK! This is indeed going to be a very exciting adventure! Can't wait to see how it goes!

TL said...

Good Luck! I can't imagine keeping up with 2 blogs! What an exciting way to start 2011!