Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Can Suck It

A man with a mullet, an attorney without a photo and a freak show who can't spell to save his life.

That is what is waiting for me in my online dating inbox.

I've only been on the site for a week. I know these things take time.

It's not like I would have any better luck trolling Cadillac Ranch/FBs/Nada/You Name It, right?

Valentine's Day can be hard on a single girl. That's why I am holing up in my apartment this evening, dinner for one by candlelight, complete with a good bottle of wine, a non-depressing, romantic movie, and my pajamas.

What... you married people would be so lucky to have an evening in.


Romance isn't something that should happen one day a year. In fact, I'd much rather a relationship where romance and love happens spontaneously, genuinely and frequently.

I know I'm not going to find the right match easily - online or in real life.

I happened to hit the town with a bunch of girls on Friday night. Dinner at Mr. Sushi and then dancing at Bartini. I don't really dig the meat/meet market that is Cincinnati's night club scene, but I DO love a good evening of burning up the dance floor. Thankfully one of the girls had the great idea of springing for Bottle Service.

Now, THAT is my idea of a night at the club.

What can I say? I am not a fan of hanging with the hoi polloi. I do not need to bump and grind with every Joe in the joint. These days, any night out on the town is just about hanging with your girls, not searching for Mister Right.

As a 30-something single chick, dating can be really tricky. A woman my age wants a man who has some street cred (i.e. - Does he have a reputation? Is it a good one? How many connections do you share mutually?), worldly experience (i.e. - Does he have a passport? Does he want to go places?) and an open heart.

The game of modern love is rough, rough stuff. For one, the number of available players has diminished significantly since college.

Sometimes it's good to be a free agent.

So Happy Valentine's Day, single people of the world. Feel free to take today off. But tomorrow - get back to it. And may you be victorious in your quest.

Photo by Neysa Ruhl

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Rhonda said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kate. I very much relate to the frustration that is the dating process. Best wishes to you in your search.

Tony B said...

It is weird. I dated a girl named kate who's bday was 2 18. Do I have to be there for both days? I'm sorry if I've been a bit of a creeper to you. I just really enjoyed your blog and for the most part I agreed with you. And I really want to be back in cincy but and settling on okc for the next few years.
I'm not hitting on you this time but you are beautiful and I wish you the best.
Go streetcar. Go Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

Take this from a girl who hasn't been single for longer than five minutes since she was 13....look at how you've developed into your own, unique person. Look at all the times there were no arguments in your house because there was no one countering you or your thoughts. Think about how you can get ready and leave for an event on your own time without someone hurrying you up.

Sure, there's lots of good things about being paired up...but don't ever think that us paired up girls don't long for your lifestyle as well. Are you kidding me....there are times I'd kill for your social life, girlfriend. I'm only about to attend about a third of the things you best.

But, if you so choose, I wish for you your perfect match in 2011! xoxo ...then you can call me and, I need to get out more. ha!