Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Champagne and Schlitz

When things are good, they're very, very good.

I had the unusual experience of riding on a private jet this past weekend. A Lear 60. Beautifully appointed leather seats, a bar stocked with crystal decanters. It turned a four-hour trip by car into a 35-minute jaunt with G force.

It was quite the thing.

And the next day, I was back on the bus, commingling with humanity on Route 43.

That has come to be the very definition of my life - lavish penthouse parties juxtaposed by cold pints of cheap beer in neighborhood watering holes.

And I love both ends of the strata equally.

Over time, I've come to learn that life isn't about getting what you want, but rather, a finite experience that teaches you to want what you've got. By some standards I don't have much, but I feel incredibly, incredibly blessed.

Between my endlessly quirky (but usually hilarious) family, my loyal, dazzling friends, and a variety of professional and personal endeavors that allow me to flex my talents and pursue internal growth - I have a lot for which I'm thankful.

And that includes the highs and lows of my life.

The past few years have taught me to embrace whatever the universe throws at me - sometimes it's the wallop of an unexpected bill, other times it's a spectacular invite to experience how the other half lives.

These challenging lows let us appreciate the good stuff. They allow us to stay grounded.

They keep us real.

And the amber waves of awesomeness? The fireworks that erupt in a stolen kiss. The crisp 'pop' on a bottle of well earned bubbly. The opportunity to whisk away somewhere far to earn some new passport stamps.

I'm grateful for those moments, too.

They offer just enough sparkle to keep this girl plodding through the hard stuff.

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