Monday, October 10, 2011

Requiem Rising

I love my neighborhood.

So when one of the most chivalrous gentlemen I know invited me to a meeting about the restoration of historic Emery Theatre in Over-the-Rhine, I practically jumped at the chance.

This Walnut Street treasure is right down the street from my home. I walk by the Emery every day, and yet I'd never had a chance to go inside this gem, locked up like a priceless storehouse.

The thing about the Emery Theatre is that it is acoustically pure, one of only four historic theatres in the country that can boast such superior dynamics - the most prominent one being Carnegie Hall in New York City.

A building like this would be impossible to recreate, what with the cost of the materials and the time it would take to build such a theatre.

It is up to us to preserve this spectacular venue and return it to the community, allowing Cincinnati's cultural outlets to take advantage of the space.

Built in 1911 thanks to funds from Cincinnati philanthropist Mary Emery, the Emery Theatre was once home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and a rehearsal space for the Cincinnati Ballet. World-renowned artists have performed on the stage, including Russian ballet dancers Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova.

And I belted out a few bars of "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" on Sunday evening.

The Requiem Project, led by Tina Manchise and Tara Lindsey Gordon, is taking on this restoration project with the goal of reviving the Emery Theatre into a space used for film, theatre, music and dance.

Painted Ceiling In The Emory's Washroom Facilities

The Requiem Project is hosting a spectacular preview event of the Emery Theatre on Friday, November 11 (11.11.11). The evening will include a tour of the magnificent space, installations from more than 15 local artists, and a signature concert performance by acclaimed band, Over The Rhine.

The Ladies' Parlor, Overlooking Walnut Street

Prior to the preview event, attendees can enjoy special dining and cocktail options based on different ticket price. A $350 ticket price carries an invitation to a seated dinner at Eden Flower Boutique, unveiling of architecture plans and a ticket to Over the Rhine's holiday show.

A $200 ticket includes cocktails and a light supper at the Emery, complete with a gallery showing of Emery photographs at ArtWorks, and Over The Rhine's latest CD, "The Long Surrender."

A $75 ticket allows you to explore Emery Theatre prior to the performance.

All ticket holders are invited to after parties in the neighborhood.

Marble topped cubby holes where patrons would store top hats during performances

The Requiem Project event aims to be a significant fundraiser and first opportunity for the community to see the Emery and learn how their talents and treasure will be needed to finish this significant undertaking.

For more information on the Emery Theatre and the Requiem Project, please click here. To learn more about the event, please click here or watch your social media channels for more information.

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